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Goats in Marin!

Goats in Marin!

If you find yourself with a free hour, visit the goats on Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Ridge, it’s worth the effort!  Last week I decided to take a hike along the Terra Linda Ridge.  Since I hadn’t hiked for a while, I decided to bring my walking sticks.  So glad I did.  I was able to get up to the top of the ridge and see the goats working on weed and fire control.  You can start at the end of Del Ganado Road in Terra Linda, or from Lucas Valley Road, enter from the ridge fire road across from Mt. Muir Court.  If accessing from San Anselmo, head up Fawn Drive and enter the fire road on your left.  For a map of the ridge, click here.

My dog, Lola passed by the goats and as I was telling her to “sit”, an entire group of goats came right up to the electric fence and posed for pictures.  Good to know, keep your puppy on leash as the fence is electrified.  There are so many goats and you can see all the grass they mowed on the hills.  The goats’ handler, Nestor, explained the goats stayed safe from coyotes at night.  He said, “Didn’t you see the big white dog in there with them?  He protects them at night.”  He then introduced me to his two black and white border collies, Brandon (6 years old) and Becky (7 months old).  They help move the goats from one place to another.  Fascinating!  Nestor said the goats would be chawing the hills for another couple of months.  Heading toward the top of the hill, I came across a mountain biker who commented, “I feel like I’m in Nepal with the smell of the goats.”  We both agreed they were an amazing sight to see and what a great idea Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) uses them for fire control.

We live in a beautiful place, where you can hike and feel a million miles away, but only travel a short distance.  Do you have a favorite place you like to visit?  Please share your stories.

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