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Look up from your screens!

Look up from your screens!

Last Saturday afternoon, I took my daughter to the dentist in Larkspur.  The receptionist told me the appointment would take an hour, so I thought I’d sit with my computer and work while I waited.  Then I looked out the window.  Perfect weather to be outside — sun shining, not too hot, slight breeze.  What was I doing inside?!

I walked over a small bridge and was deciding which direction to walk when I came upon a map posted right in front of me.  It read: Marin County Parks Preserves and Pathways.  I decided there really was no “bad” direction to go, so I chose to head west along the Corte Madera Creek Path.  People were out walking, riding bikes, pushing scooters, and skating on rollerblades.  Along the way I came upon Marin Open Studios artists painting pictures of the creek and scenery.

As I headed toward College of Marin, people were out running on the track, and a young girl was being coached on her high jump skills.  Dogs were fetching balls on the dirt path behind the college fields, and I was struck by how much activity was going on all along this path. One thing I noticed on every face I passed: a smile.  So nice to see so many people outside enjoying activities that made them happy.  I stopped to take a few photographs and then my phone rang.  My daughter was wondering where I was.  Where had the time gone?  That was the fastest hour of the week!  My daughter came out to the path to meet me and said she never realized people kayaked on this end of the Corte Madera Creek (closest to Marin General Hospital). She thought they only stayed down by Marin Rowing Company.  I showed her the map when we got back and pointed to all the places we could have our own adventures, and we promised one another we’d check them out.

Once again, I was reminded how lucky I am to live in Marin County. It pays to look up from your screens and get outside and see what is right in front of you, or just a short distance away. Check it out!


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